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We believe that in a world seeking to solve our global challenges, innovative entrepreneurs are the force for sustainable, economic development and greater wellbeing in our local regions.


Becoming a certified EU|BIC or joining the community as an Associate Member means responding to our mission with the best possible actions to create vibrant, thriving startups and SMEs. In other words, EU|BICs take real steps to ensure that their services are best advantageous to their client companies and best advantageous to their regions.


There are now more than 106 Certified EU|BICs and over 43 Associate members and 20 satellites shaping our global community.


EBN (European Business and Innovation Centre Network) is the non-profit that facilitates this pan-European, global community of people using innovative business as a driver for regional (economic, sustainable, and social) development. EBN grants and manages the EU|BIC certification, and many other innovation solutions for excellent business support actors like the EU|BICs.

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Operating in over 35 countries, covering the full spectrum of innovation sectors, and collaborating for continuous improvement and increased impact.
business experts & partners
Committed to the development and growth of entrepreneurial innovators, providing high-quality services to startups, spin-offs and SMEs.
Receive support from our members. Benefiting from expertise and programmes critical to their growth.
official certificate
Uniquely granted by EBN to mission-aligned organisations as the only certification of quality for business support organisations originated by the European Commission.
Build New Relationships
Fast-track your connectivity. When your organisation certifies as an EU|BIC you join a powerful community of business leaders, support practitioners and innovation partners expanding your reach within your local and international innovation ecosystems.
Improve Your Results
Getting certified and taking the yearly assessment is a powerful mechanism to help your company set goals for improvement, deliver more value to your clients and your ecosystem, and track performance over time. Members gain access to training, peers, technical assistance and funding opportunities.
Engage Trusted Partners
More than ever, people want to do engage with people and organisations they trust. The EU|BIC Certification and its trusted community are among the smartest ways to attract best-of-class clients, investment partners and to participate in revenue-generating projects that help you deliver on your mission.
Amplify Your Voice
The EU|BIC label communicates that your organisation is a verified business innovation leader when it comes to delivering quality business support and empowering entrepreneurial innovators. The third-party validation helps your organisation to stand out, and stand by your mission.

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News & events

CAP INNOVE - Creator of success for the last 40 years !
Last 16 November 2023, EU|BIC Cap Innove located in Nivelles (Belgium), the incubator originally created by the ULB in Brussels, celebrated 40 years of uninterrupted success. Founded in 1983 by Professor Jean-Claude Ettinger from Solvay Business School, Cap Innove joined the EBN network in 1989 and has since then contributed to the development of the Brabant-Wallon region by nurturing the local innovation ecosystem through the support of innovative entrepreneurs and startups.
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Join the Future of Computing Conference hosted by EU|BIC Associate INAM
The Future of Computing Conference, hosted by the EU|BIC Associate INAM is set to take place on November 28th, 2023, at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, and you won't want to miss it.
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Introducing the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator: Strengthening EU-Latin America & Caribbean Ties
To foster stronger connections between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, we are organizing an online session to introduce to the EU|BIC Community the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator project. This project, funded by DG INTPA of the European Commission and led by TECNALIA, is set to bridge the gap between European and Latin American/Caribbean corporates and startups and innovative SMEs.
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Opportunity Alert for EU|BIC Members' Clients: BIC Africa Mid-Term Evaluation Call for Consultancy Services
Calling all project evaluation consultancy companies! BIC Africa is seeking your expertise for a mid-term evaluation of their groundbreaking project. This initiative, launched in January 2020, aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, backed by EU funding.
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EU|BIC Knowledge Pill #5 (members only)
The pill of knowledge #5 will raise awareness on the Financial Support to Third Part Mechanism (FSTP) by counting on the expertise of two best-in-class member organisations: Funding Box and Sploro.  
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EU|BIC Knowledge Pill #4 (members only)
The pill of knowledge #4 will shed lights on the concrete opportunities that the European Innovation Council (EIC) has designed to support innovative enterprises to scale. Dedicated to the EU|BIC community and its companies, the session will be an insightful journey to better understand how a company can get ready to apply and access the EIC services and benefits.
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Coventry University’s Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSM) is hiring!
Coventry University’s Research Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSM) is actively seeking passionate and talented individuals to join their research team. If you're looking to contribute to cutting-edge projects that align with CSM's research vision, this opportunity is for you!
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EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Building Playbook - Foreword
For nearly four decades, EBN and the EU|BIC community have championed innovation, playing a vital role in regional development, job creation, and supporting startups and SMEs. We align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and European strategies, such as the European Green Deal, to drive sustainable growth and innovation. Together, we're paving the way for a cleaner, sustainable future and empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs. Through our EU|BIC Innovation Ecosystem Framework, we're forging a path for global innovation and sustainable growth.
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Laura Lecci
The pan-European EU|BIC business innovation community and the Certified EU|BIC quality label were designed as pioneering models for economic growth, facilitated by the EBN Secretariat. Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed how the model of supporting entrepreneurial innovation continues to be the accelerator for recovery and a solution-driver for global challenges.
Our members, who we serve via the EU|BIC community, partners and the EBN team remain committed to co-design our desired future supported by innovation: creating greater wellbeing to European citizens – and beyond.


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