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  • Why does EBN conduct this study?
  • The EBN Quality System involves an annual comprehensive review of EU|BICs’ activity and performance. The self-assessment questionnaire is the tool EBN uses to:

    • Monitor and quality control certified business support organisations against the EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria;
    • Produce the EU|BIC Impact and Activity Report and the EU|BIC Individual Benchmark Reports, designed to help certified business support organisations in evaluating and improving their own impact and performance.
    • Pursue projects, studies, and activities to advance the field of innovative entrepreneurship and business support services, ultimately providing EBN members with: analytical reports and data-driven recommendations, performance benchmarking reports, industry-specific best practices and trends.
  • Why should a business support organisation participate in the study?
  • Since 1984, EBN is an open community for any business support organisation whose mission is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups or innovative SMEs. Taking part in the EU|BIC Impact and Activity study means:

    • Accessing the leading existing international database on the incubation and acceleration industry, including access to sectorial data and to innovative business support methodologies.,
    • Comparatively benchmarking your centre’s performance against your peer organisations across a broad range of performance metrics and categories.
    • Identifying your economic impact on the community you serve. The Individual Benchmark Report is the perfect tool to enhance visibility, credibility and transparency of your organisation.
    • Going through an evaluation process based on quality and rigorousness complemented with peer-to-peer reviews, leaving room for mutual learning and exchange of best practices.
    • Accessing to bespoke sectoral insights and industry-specific trends.
    • Joining a global network of diverse but like-minded innovative organisations built around trust and confidence.
  • What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the study?
  • In order to be eligible for participation in the EU|BIC Impact and Activity Report and receive your Individual Benchmark Report, your business support organisation must be a certified EU|BIC.

    Click here to discover the EU|BIC Certification Process.

  • How do we make sure your data is protected and private?
  • All the data collected via the self-assessment questionnaire remain confidential: no uniquely identifiable information about survey respondents will be shared with any external parties at any time without your prior consent. EBN will, in keeping with the rules and regulations established by the EU|BIC Criteria and EU|BIC Quality Mark Committee, endeavour to ensure that any results posted on websites or publications will be provided in a manner that preserves and protects user confidentiality and personal information.

    EBN does not publish individual impact and activity benchmark data. On the other hand, such data is released in anonymized or aggregate form.

    You can read our full Terms and Conditions and  Privacy Policy here.

  • When and where will the next EBN Congress be held?
  • The EBN Congress 2020 will take place in November 2020.

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  • When will the 2021 EU|BIC Impact and Activity Study be available?
  • The 2021 edition of the EU|BIC Impact and Activity Study will be available in June 2021.

  • How does EBN conduct the study?
  • Phase 0 – Assessment of survey

    • Revision of survey structure and indicators
    • Assess coherence and validity of indicators
    • Feedback session with EU|BIC Quality Mark Committee
    • Feedback session with EU|BICs

    Phase 1 – Data collection

    • In February each year, EBN sends the survey out and asks it to be returned within 6 weeks
    • EBN survey helpdesk
    • Validation of questionnaires

    Phase 2 – Data analysis & reporting

    • Data treatment and validation by EBN research team
    • Statistical analysis

    Phase 3 – Dissemination

    • EU|BIC Impact and Activity Report released
    • EU|BIC Individual Benchmark Reports delivered
    • Workshops and Thematic discussion during EBN events
  • When will the EU|BIC Individual Benchmark Reports be ready?
  • Every certified business support organisation will receive its individual benchmark report in September 2020.

For more information, please contact the EBN research team!
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