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ENRICH in China officially launched!

ENRICH in China - European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs in China, has been officially launched and setup in Chengdu and Beijing during Matchmaking tour in Chengdu, Beijing and Qingdao (24-31 October). 

At the launch of the first centre in Chengdu, Sara Medina and Richard Deng from SPI, together with Robert Sanders, Head of International Project at EBN,  presented the support ENRICH in China will provide to grow business.

Sara Medina , SPI  (on the left) and  Segree Dai, EUPIC (on the right)  at the official launch of ENRICH  in China - Chengdu center

During the tour, the participants (business networks, technology and science institutes, universities and similar organisations interested in EU – China cooperation), had the opportunity to participate in matchmaking events with hundreds of Chinese technology based companies and research institutes, meet Chinese innovators, participate in the 12th EU-China Business and Technology Fair,  as well as get first-hand information about Chinese innovation ecosystem and newly established ENRICH in China. 

ENRICH in China, the H2020 project EBN is partnering together with EBN member SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, and 11 other European and Chinese partners, aims to set up the European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs in China, promoting  European Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) interests in China by connecting and supporting European researchers and entrepreneurs.

"One of the biggest problems that European companies and organisations face is that they lack a channel for cooperation with their Chinese counterparts," said Sara Medina, ENRICH in China's coordinator and SPI’s board member. 

To tackle the issue, the idea is to create a strong connection between China and Europe by establishing the center and providing services related to scientific and technological innovation including consultancy, soft-landing, co-working, and training for European companies and research.

Chris Cheung (EU SME Centre) and Sara Medina (SPI) at the official launch of the centre  in  Beijing 

Robert Sanders, the Head of International Projects and Marion Perrin, ENRICH in China’s project manager, represented EBN as one of the vital players in promoting innovation interests in China by connecting and supporting European entrepreneurs: 

"Innovation has become a pillar of EU-China relations, and science and technology cooperation will bring new impetus for the future development of both two sides," said Robert Sanders, Head of International Projects at EBN.

Richard Deng, SPI (on the left) and Robert Sanders, EBN (on the right)

"The ultimate goal is to help European researchers take their first steps in the Chinese market and to help Chinese researchers have better interactions with their European counterparts," said Richard Deng, chief representative of SPI China.

Read more about ENRICH in China in online media:

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