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Crowd Knowledge Programme – Three start-ups selected for their high innovative potential

Three new start-ups will now start their activities within the framework of the Crowd Knowledge Accelerator located in the CEEI Alcoy (Spain).

In total, thirty business projects competed in the first edition of the Aceleradora. The three selected most innovative, with highest potential and future, sustainable and fundable are those led by Francisco Polo (Otus Alicante), Cristina Vicéns and Màrius Ivorra (Green Farm Ticnologies), and Javier Expósito (Pymexporto Consultores).
These companies are in their acceleration phase and are working in the BIC’s coworking space for the next 10 months to come. The CEEI Alcoy team works in direct with the entrepreneurs: defining their business model and elaborating a business project which provides them with answers to all the questions that a start-up must raise before launching their company, not to forget the contribution by investors of the necessary seed capital for their launch.

The projects:

Otus Alicante
Production of drones for services in the agricultural sector: from imaging facilitate water tasting, the use of phytosanitary products or to judge the ripeness of fruits, with the aim to reduce costs and improve the quality.

GreenFarm Ticnologies
Agroindustrial company that grows fresh plants, of high quality in closed indoor spaces and without any sun light.  

PYMExporto consultores
Support services for companies in their internationalization process and their search for new markets. Through new technologies they offer their clients the possibility to calculate the success of a product in a particular country.  

Associated member: CEEI Alcoy - Valencia
Published on 16-03-2015 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2590 page views

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