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EBN Quality Questionnaire now open

This year we are a bit late, we are well aware of that. The reason is that we at EBN had a strong feeling that the questionnaire you were used to fill every year, was quickly becoming obsolete and needed some thorough revising.

Yes, the changes undergone by our industry in the last 10 years are quite impressive. Although our main mission hasn't changed, new tools, new methods, new processes have blossomed and made their way up quite dramatically.

Lean start-up methods, Living Labs, crowd-funding, coworking, acceleration programs, bootcamps, start-up weekends, hackathons were not even conceived when the quality system was initially set-up in 2002.

Therefore we took some time to enable a discussion among us to brainstorm and re-think the questionnaire, the main tool we have for quality assurance and for developing sound benchmarking reporting.

We are pleased to say that now the new questionnaire is online, so we can finally start the data collection process for the year 2013

here are some practical tips:

To access the questionnaire you will need to access the EBN website, so if you haven't done that already, please register, insert your full profile and then ask EBN to be associated with the EU|BIC you work for. We will then proceed with this association and then you will be ready to start.

Then go to "My EBN" --- "My EU|BIC Services" and then click onQuestionnaire

Please take your time to thoroughly read the relevant information on the web page before starting as it will help you avoid mistakes.

The deadline for submission of the questionnaire is 31 October 2014 , please do not miss it!

FAQ has been prepared with those that we imagine will be the most frequent questions. This will be updated on the go, so check it often.

In the meantime we are working to ensure that the benchmarking services will be online within the same date.

Of course, the helpdesk is also open, so any questions can be addressed to:


Clarelisa Camilleri 
EU|BIC Services Team Assistant 
Phone +32 2 761 1094


Giordano Dichter 
Head of EU|BIC Services Team 
Phone +32 2 761 1083

I also take this occasion to remind you that with your data we do a great number of important things, such as:

  • Ensure that the EU|BIC Trademark is properly granted to organization that comply with the EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria
  • Prepare industry reports, annual observatory reports at country, network, regional levels
  • Provide you with benchmarking services to allow continuous improvement
  • Promote EU|BICs all over!
  • Provide you with more tailored services


Published on 08-09-2014 00:00 by David Tee. 2684 page views

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