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EU Code Week starts tomorrow: bring your ideas to digital life

EU Code Week (10-18 October) kicks off on 10 October with thousands of events all over Europe where people, from children to seniors, can learn how the computer works behind the screen.

They can try and create games, build a website or find out about hardware and robots. Vice-President Ansip, in charge of the Digital Single Market, said: "These days, you need digital skills as a basic requirement to get ahead in the modern workplace. It is not just about reading and writing anymore. Europeans need the right skills to get the full benefits from a Digital Single Market. Coding is a great way to start and I would like to thank all the volunteers across Europe who make the Code Week happen". (See Vice-President Ansip's blog post: Let's get Europe coding – and train people for the future).

The Digital Single Market Strategy, presented in May, supports an inclusive digital society where people have the right skills to embrace the opportunities offered by the Internet and raise their chances of getting a job.Early next year, the Commission will present an EU-wide skills agenda. On the one hand it will focus action to help more people to develop and upgrade their skills, including basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and digital competences. On the other hand, it will set out measures on how we can better anticipate skills needs and improve the recognition of qualifications.

For more information on the EU Code Week visit the website  

Published on 09-10-2015 00:00 by Cl√°udia Silva. 1352 page views

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