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CEEIM Murcia's Technoscuela teaching children about innovation and entrepreneurship

Between 26th of June and 14th of July, EBN Member CEEIM Murcia has organised Technoscuela, a summer camp for children aged between 8 and 14, introducing them to entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation in a fun and creative way.

To help release the inner entrepreneur and innovator all children have inside, the summer camp encouraged children to make their own electronic devices, use 3D printers and fly drones.

Some of the children have also created their own RGB LED lamps. At the same time, they have learnt about environmental sustainability because in order to make their electronic devices, they had to recycle, retrieve, and redesign cream cans used as diffusing screens for red, green and blue lights.

Students have also learnt about 3D printing, which will be helpful in the future when they want to build their first business prototypes.  As the reward for their efforts, each student has printed and set up their own spinner, a toy that has been fashionable among the children everywhere in the world.

Moreover, the camp participants learnt how to fly a drone and how to change its propellers, even learning how to 3D print its parts in case of damage.

Joaquín Gómez, president of CEEIM commented on the necessity of nurturing entrepreneurship from an early age:

“We are investing in the future, training tomorrow's technologists to lay the foundations of a highly technologically advanced entrepreneurial system with high added value that contributes to improving the productivity of the region's business.”

Since its creation in 2008, CEEIM has been promoting entrepreneurial culture from an early age with initiatives such as Minimarket, the Olympiad of Creativity, and various other competitions including motivational talks. These activities have reached a total of 5,200 students in eight years, coming from institutes and schools throughout the region.

Published on 24-07-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 1351 page views

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