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Innovation : a tradition in Martinique Technopole

When thinking about innovation, the first words that come into our minds are science and technologies.  Yet, innovation can be strongly linked to tradition as it is the case for the agricultural rum produced by Clément, one of the companies accompanied by Martinique Technopole.
In 2003, following the trends of hypercompetition, this most traditional product had to adapt to a shrinking local market. In this specific context, Clément diversified its product line according to the changing client environment and in order to adapt to different tastes and different times of consumption.  
In 2012, 60% of surveyed customers perceive Clément as an innovative rum brand. And indeed, the creative strategy implemented by the number one of spirits in Martinique leads to new original recipes, design packaging, optimised commercialisation, and the implementation of a participative management.

In 2007, the first flavored rums are elaborated and in 2011 liqueurs derived from fruit juices and with Anglophones names appear on the market. In order to develop this untapped market segment in Martinique, the leaders of the company engaged the expertise of the Martinique Technopole and the Regional Agro-food Cluster of Martinique. « The Technopole structured our drive for innovation, the second tested the prototypes, enabling us to focus on our core strengths: production and commercialisation », acknowledges Charles Larcher, General Director of Clément since 2003. “To innovate, one should be humble, open and mainly capable to work as a network.” he comments.   
The distillery is also a pioneer in the packaging of its rum in 3 liters BIB (Bag-In-Box®). In the end, this shows that immoderate passion for traditional know-how also leads to innovation.

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Associated member: Technopole Martinique
Published on 29-09-2014 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2532 page views

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