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Nanotech RI Labs for Belgian SMEs: what do we offer?


Nanotech RI Labs: what do we offer?

Beyond the theoretical framework of Responsible Research and Innovation (usually shortened under the RRI acronym), we would like to look at how this is applicable to the nanotech sector. What does it mean to do responsible nanotech research and innovation? Aren’t you already doing nanotechnology research in a responsible way? And in concrete terms, what would that imply and change?

The Nanotech RI Lab, will be exactly about this! A practical roadmap outlining a vision, setting concrete goals, identifying gaps, defining actions and milestones. A community of peers coached by the COMPASS team.

We would like to provide your own company with tailored support, at the same time as exchanging with other companies and experts, in order to co-create. We will organise online and offline interactive workshops with co-creation and experimentation of new practices. This will enable you to look at your own practices and methods to see what improvements you can make in order to maximise mid-long term profits or extend your markets through becoming more receptive to the needs of customers and users.

We will make you more aware of regulatory frameworks and socially acceptable practices, and more trustworthy through practicing openness and transparency, inclusiveness and diversity, and ethical conduct. By reaffirming your commitment to responsible innovation approaches, you will be able to show that you are socially conscious and aware of the need to interact with society, and, where appropriate, to involve stakeholders at early stages of your innovation practices.

How will it work?

Would you like to join us in a series of three one-hour webinar (on 11/09 pm, 02/10 pm and 13/11 pm) and two face-to-face workshops in Brussels (12/09 pm and 07/11 pm)? We shall cover T&A for those coming from abroad. We are happy to discuss other dates and organize other labs based on demand. Just let us know about your interest!

If you like our approach, if you are interested in understanding more about RI for SMEs and willing to make it happen in your company or organization, join the RI Nanotech Lab!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for expressing your interest and/or for any question you might have. Do not hesitate to forward to interested colleagues and companies as well.

Marcelline Bonneau:   ;    + 32 (0) 2 318 38 31


RRI and the COMPASS project

COMPASS is an EU-funded project that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) or businesses in three emerging technology industries to manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner. During the three years of the project we will develop and launch the Responsible Innovation COMPASS, an online platform containing a number of tools and services tailored to SME needs.


Published on 12-06-2017 00:00 by Chiara Davalli. 8795 page views

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