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The first four tools have been selected to be showcased at the EBN TechCamp in Munich on 26-27 November 2014. 

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GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox for decision@making and action planning for start@up and growth companies. It helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through a simple action@oriented process that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.

For the business advisor, the absolute flexibility of the toolbox means that it can be fully adapted to existing advisory tools and client needs, and it can even be used by clients themselves, thereby saving time for the advisor.

Contact Giordano Dichter if you are interested in the GrowthWheel certification course which will happen in Munich on 27-28 November. Special conditions for EBN members and EBN TechCamp participants!

ViaNoveo sells its SAAS collaborative software suite ViaDesigner integrating ISMA360® (Innovation Systemic Marketing Analysis). ViaNoveo helps its customers to identify & develop growth leverages, and design access-to-market strategy. 

References among large companies, SME’s & BIC: HSBC London, GDF-Suez, Total, ST Microelectronics, OFFIS Germany, Yroz, Seemage, BioCare, Air Liquide, St John's Innovation Center Cambridge, ICT Labs Europe, Paca Est BIC, SATT LuTech, etc.

Creative Accelerator is a new approach to creative business support, combining expert face-to-face advice with a set of on-line tools and a dashboard. It is being used in two main ways: firstly, by business support intermediaries, to assist their expert advisors deliver a thorough service for less money. Secondly, by incubators & coworking centres, to provide better targeted member support.

The philosophy of Creative Accelerator is to ‘look through the lens of individual businesses, to feel and think like them’. In taking this personalised user journey with each business, it enables the supporting organisation offering the tool to be more effective, whilst at the same time giving the creative business the tools to help itself grow and succeed.

Creative Accelerator works with businesses in 4 key ways to help them:

  1. Review their growth strategy, vision, sales, marketing, finance and operational plans
  2. Help them adapt their business to competition, new technologies and changing market demands
  3. Think and work smarter across all aspects of their business.
  4. Help them set priorities and actionable goals for success over the coming months (and years)

The e-Commerce Personalisation Genie is an automated system with the help of which you can create your own personalised e-Commerce strategy based on the individual characteristics of your business. The focus is on increasing cross-border sales through the implementation of specific actions in support of the most important elements of the e-Commerce life cycle, such as Ordering, Delivery, Payment, Promotion, etc.


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