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The brilliant idea of Chipee - A Thesame incubatee

Hosted within the Altaïs business incubator three former students create Chipee. Their concept ? Propose to the online purchaser to watch an advert that either enables him not to pay the delivery fee or to grant points for discounts. This promising company will officially launch their activities this summer.
They all met at the same school in Annecy where they received a solid multimedia designer training. After having experienced different things on their respective sides, Romain, Thibault and Matthieu got together and decided to create their own company based on an original idea that they will develop for one year from 2014.  “The biggest drawback of online purchase is the delivery cost.
When you purchase an object which is worth 15 euros, you will pay 5 additional euros for the delivery. It is estimated that the quit rate is of 30% as a result», explains Matthieu Thiévent. « And small shops are the ones which bear the brunt. ».  The three friends then came up with this brilliant idea: to offer the buyer to view publicity during the purchase and enable him not to pay the delivery, this cost being financed by the advert. In this case, it is a win-win situation for the three actors: the client, the trader and the advertiser who does not impose its commercial since the client choses it.

The market : small and large sales brands
Chipee offers the same for traders who experience no problem with delivery costs: to view adverts that fit their interests and to collect points resulting in discounts. « We just need to make these three operators grow at the same time » Chipee tested the concept with small brands but it can also be transferred onto major brands.  The transaction is reliable, the business model feasible according to its creators. The trio is the winner of the “101 projets” contests initiated by Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Vente-privée) and Xaviel Niel (Free). Chipee will officially jump into this new venture this summer.

See French version of this press release :

Associated member: Th├ęsame
Published on 26-06-2015 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 3170 page views

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