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TRANSITION's Journey: Ceci n'est pas un projet. Not only. Highlights from TRANSITION final event

To mark the end of the TRANSITION project, 2016 kicked off with a social innovation incubation conference –Supporting Social Innovations to Grow: TRANSITION’s Journey.

Drawing on some of the key lessons and tools developed as part of the TRANSITION project, the conference gathered different players from European social innovation incubation ecosystem(s): social innovators, incubators, investors, foundations, researchers, policy makers together to discuss the approaches, challenges and next steps needed to support social innovations to grow in Europe.

Our aim was to run an engaging and “unconventional” project final conference, built on connections and real life experiences as we believe these are the basic conditions for innovation to happen.

We therefore took this opportunity to share  learning outcomes collected over the last 30 months of project activities; to present our framework methodology, the Social Innovation Journey, and the SIJ toolbox; to introduce TRANSITION Social Innovators; to exchange our incubation experiences and challenges; to learn from peers; to network with other SI players; to strenghten our community.

In addition to that, we heard from:

  • Andrea Erdei, European Commission, DG RTD
  • Thomas Lehnen, co-founder of Migration Hub, on problems and opportunities social innovations are facing when it comes to the challenges that arise from to the phenomena of mass migration.
  • Christian Vanizette, co-founder of MakeSense, on social innovation challenges and the role communities (citizens, social innovators, incubators) play in letting solutions grow and scale across Europe

The event is not over yet, it continues online:

  1. We prepared a small photo album of last week: check it out! If you have more pictures, share them with us on Twitter @TRANSITIONeu
  2. Presentations are available online
  3. TRANSITION SIJ Toolbox is downloadable online
  4. Profiles of TRANSITION travelers (17 selected projects) are available HERE
  5. TRANSITION has recently started an online community of practice where you can check SI projects and provide them with a feedback
  6. We collected the best tweets about TRANSITION’s Journey in a dedicated Storify page

Ceci n’est pas un projet (not only :-)), this is a community of travelers – either you are a social innovator, an incubator, an investor, a policy maker, etc.

As mentioned during the event this is not the end of our Journey, but a pit-stop. We would invite you to stay in touch as we have in mind new destinations and we would love to have you on board.


Twitter: @TRANSITIONeu / @ESIINeu / @EUBIC

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Associated member: WestBIC
Published on 10-02-2016 00:00 by Chiara Davalli. 3498 page views

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