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EuroMed@Change Soft Landing Voucher

EuroMed@Change is a pilot project initiated by the European Parliament and developed by the European Commission to encourage the competitiveness of enterprises.

The project was launched early 2013, by a Consortium of four organisations, proposing new dynamics for SMEs and cluster internationalisation between Europe and four(4) target partner countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon to help companies to establish an overseas sales presence, boost international business development and to grasp global partnership opportunities.

Invitation to incubators & clusters

If you want to flag your incubator or cluster services to EuroMed@Change companies apply for the Soft Landing Partnership!

In return, each incubator or cluster selected to host one company will receive a service delivery compensation for the amount of 1.500€ (see the specifications below).

Invitation to SMEs

If you are a SME with potential to grow exponentially at an International level apply for tailor-made soft landing services in a target country!

Soft Landing voucher overview

Customised business support packages offered by hosting incubators and clusters at a wide selection of locations.

Costs of soft landing services are supported by the EuroMed@Change project through the use of a Soft Landing Service Voucher worth 3,500

The contribution will be paidto SMEs and incubators/clusters after a successful validation and provision of services to the visiting company, upon receiving request for payment!!

The budget allocation will go as follows:

  • Contribution to travel and accommodation: maximum €1,000
  • Payment to test and review services based in written report: maximum €1,000
  • Service voucher to be delivered by EBN to the selected hosting incubator or cluster: €1,500

Application overview

  • Launch date: 1st March 2014
  • Beneficiaries: 30 companies willing to take their business to the next level
    • 10 SMEs from Europe
    • 20 SMEs from the four target partner countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon)
  • Submit application here
  • Deadline: 25th March 2014

Find the overview presentation of services here.

Associated project: Euromed@Change
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