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CEBRABIC: a gateway to Brazil for European R&I&B actors

Berlin, January 24. A consortium of twelve European and Brazilian organisations has launched a new collaboration under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme (Grant Agreement nº 733531): CEBRABIC – the Centre for Europe-Brazil Business & Innovation Cooperation.

CEBRABIC aims at enhancing the cooperation in research, technology and entrepreneurship between the EU member states and Latin America’s leading economy, Brazil. The diverse project consortium will work together for four years to set up the CEBRABIC centre and is coordinated by Fraunhofer IPK, located in Berlin, Germany, with a track record and offices in Brazil.


CEBRABIC will be a Centre working on a network basis. Creating synergies and complementarities is the core value of CEBRABIC, particularly with European research and innovation (R&I) structures located in Brazil, to complement, expand and enhance its service portfolio. Different types of stakeholder incorporation into CEBRABIC network is foreseen, either from the demand or supply service: members, service providers, regional innovation hubs and focal points.


CEBRABIC will be national wide network in Brazil, locally and regionally supported by 15 SENAI Innovation Centres - part of CNI structure, through the National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) - as well as further partners acting as regional innovation hubs located in all Brazilian regions. Its headquarters and representation offices, working on behalf of CEBRABIC will be located in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


CEBRABIC network will support the creation of R&I&B opportunities for European organizations in Brazil, stimulating demand and cooperation. The Centre will not only provide support-based services (e.g.: network, advice, training etc.), but also technology-related services, resourcing to the network of regional innovation hubs and of external service providers, constantly seeking for linkages to the private industrial sector and to investors. Altogether, this will enable CEBRABIC to address knowledge-intensive sectors, offering a service portfolio that corresponds to an integrated approach towards the innovation value chain and that stimulates research-to-market collaborative projects.


CEBRABIC intends to cluster at the European level services which are currently provided at the bilateral level by European structures with presence in Brazil representing the interests of a specific EU member state and their organizations. This clustering will build upon the service mapping and will help maximizing the impact and range of those services, leading to a complementary and coherent service offer at the bilateral and European level. These European structures will be duly involved in CEBRABIC network, mainly as regional innovation hubs. Such involvement in CEBRABIC network of European structures with presence in Brazil will also allow for the Centre to partially outsource its services in concrete cases, particularly when there is a need for specific expertise and/or there is a similar service already being offered by one of the members of the network. This will enable CEBRABIC to rely on a lean organizational structure, with just the essential physical and human resources allocated, which will lead to an efficient and sustainable financial management of CEBRABIC.

To whom?

The main target group of CEBRABIC are R&I&B organizations, comprising a wide range of specific type of stakeholders: universities, research centres (basic and applied), technology transfer entities, technology parks, business incubators, innovation agencies, funding agencies, business associations, chambers of commerce, clusters, industrial companies, SMEs and startups from all sectors, consultancy companies, risk capital investors, individual researchers, professors and entrepreneurs.

Involvement / Partner Consortium

CEBRABIC consortium comprises 12 partners with Brazilian, EU and Turkish institutions. CEBRABIC partnership is not only geographically diverse but presents a balanced institutional diversity, involving companies (SPI, RCISD), universities (UNICAMP, SU), funding agencies (FFG), R&I organizations (FHG, DLR) and not for profit organizations (IASP, CNI, EBN, ANPEI, CONFAP).

CEBRABIC is on of the 3 International Centres funded by the EC to create, facilitate and support R&I&B opportunities for European organizations in Brazil, China and US.

EBN is involved in the 3 centres: CEBRABIC (Brazil), ERICENA (China) and NearUS (United States of America).  

Contact the project team to learn more about the opportunities the centres can offer you.

Associated member: EBN
Published on 02-02-2017 00:00 by Chiara Davalli. 9358 page views

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