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FutureScope 2017 Highlights: Human vs Machines, Unicorns vs RABBITs, IoT, & Fintech

For the fourth year, FUTURESCOPE, organised by EBN Member Dublin BIC, was a great success!

On 10 May 2017, representatives of cutting-edge tech companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, Siemens, MasterCard, as well as start-ups, investors, academia, media, and key influencers within the start-up ecosystem,  came together to discuss how future trends are shaping the industry.

The conference touched upon some crucial topics for the rapidly evolving technological age we live in,  such as: will intelligent machines destroy job creation or create higher value jobs for people? 

Brainstorming around IoT and FinTech challenges and opportunities were also at the table - Barry O’Sullivan from Insight Centre was a keynote speaker for the IoT session, while Amy Neale coming from MasterCard addressed trends affecting Fintech industry.

The conference also raised another emerging trend within the startup ecosystem: RABBITs (Real Actual Business Building Interesting Tech), a new group of technology startups which are not as valued as unicorns, but still  highly valued and will be potentially “eating” unicorns in the future! 

To learn more and get a glimpse into this interesting conference, have a look at FutureScope 2017 Highlights Video and Opening Keynote by Mark Little, founder of Storyful.

Published on 19-05-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 12816 page views

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