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Are science centres a good place to generate innovation?

In their last edition of their Quarterly Newsletter, ECSITE *(European Network of Science Centres and Museums) interviewed Laura Lecci, EBN Project Manager and Luca Simeone, Project Manager at Città della Scienza (Naples, Italy)to get their opinion on the ability of sciences centres to convert into art and science innovation incubators through the KiiCS project.

Laura Lecci

"We had to develop a common language. They had to learn to know and trust each other.  In the end the most successful partnerships were the most open-minded ones. ... One could say that science centres represent a first phase in the innovation process. They equip curious minds with tools, make them aware of new technologies.  Some of these ideas germinate in innovator's heads - they then need an innovation centre to help develop these further. The product of their innovation can later be shown in the science centre and the cycle continues ...  The Technology Hub at Città della Scienza in Naples (Italy) is a good example of this loop."

Luca Simeone

"Città della Scienza is more than just a science centre. It was created 25 years ago to reduce the gap between science and citizens and with a strong emphasis on urban and economic regeneration - we are located in a post-industrial area of Western Naples. Città della Cienza now combines a congress centre, a science centre  and since 2001 a Technological Hub including a business incubator... The Kiics project allowed us to test our co-working space. It strengthened existing ties between the business incubator and the science centre activities of Città della Scienza and introduced new people into our business community".

To the question which advice would you give to a science centre or a museum planning to host a permanent innovation incubator, Luca Simeone replies: "Get the most out of the brilliant minds and facilities you will have at hand!  Use your innovators as a new technology monitoring group and make sure they also work for your science centre."

Associated member: Città della Scienza
Published on 25-10-2014 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2648 page views

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