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Ruta N signs cross landing agreement with Mexican organisations

To promote the interest in the development of innovative companies, innovation and internationalisation projects of companies is the main objective of this cooperation agreement between Mexico and Columbia. Thanks to the engagement of entities such as the United States - Mexico Foundation for Sciences(Fumec) and Tecnology Hub, and Ruta N Medellín, this agreement aims at facilitating the relationships between companies from both countries with other institutions from local innovation ecosystems.

Picture : Carlos Martínez, representative of FUMEC and Alejandro Franco, Executive Director of Ruta N. 

“The synergies between the various ecosystems are extremely important for the innovation-based economic development; the agreement signed with Ruta N will help us bring our ecosystems to new markets. This will enhance the strengthening of more solid and emerging economies mainly in the field of ICT, health, energy, autmotive industry, aerospace, creative”, says Carlos Martínez representative of Fumec.   

“Through these cross landing agreements we expect our companies to develop their interest in new markets, in this case Mexico, and to enter these markets more easily. The agreement includes one month of hosting, free of charge, for these companies as well as accompaniment services to help them better understand the local market and develop connections and relationships, an important element to make Business in other countries”, explains Juliana Escobar, from the Innovation Department of Ruta N .

"With this type of initiative, Medellín hopes to raise the interest of new goods and services suppliers and international companies for the Landing programme, by enabling them to  interact with organisations from our innovation ecosystem  and from there generate new Jobs and a better quality of life for all our citizens", states Alejandro Franco, Executive Director of  Ruta N .

Ruta N aims to transform Medellín to be the capital of innovation in Latin America. Medellín was elected as the most innovative city by WSJ in 2013 and this year Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize from Singapore.

Published on 03-05-2016 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2816 page views

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