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ESIL welcomes IBAN to our community!

The National Federation of BAs Italy has joined the ESIL Community, a community of Business Angels (BA), investors, VCs and crowdfunding platform. On the 31st of May IBAN will  launch ESIL in Italy with a seminar on best practices in Business Angel investment, to introduce ESIL and the community to the Italian ecosystem of BAs and stimulate the exchanges among them. 

ESIL International Seminar Overview on the European Angel Investing best practices

Date: 31st of March 2018
Time: 14:30 – 18:00 pm
Location: Galleria S. Carlo,
                    6 Galleria San Carlo
                    20122 Milano, Ital

Guests attending the event will be, among others, Luigi Amati - ESIL Archangel, BAE President & IBAN Board Member,  Philippe Gluntz - ESIL Archangel, France Angels Vice President & BAE Honorary President and Marie-Elisabeth Rusling of BAE (CEO), partner of ESIL.

IBAN was founded on March 1999, in the framework of a project launched by the European Commission – DG Enterprise. Early 2013, IBAN has been a founding member of BAE, Business Angel Europe Association (

IBAN's members are territorial BAN’s, investors clubs, business angels and professionals in matching investors (formal and informal) with entrepreneurs, authorities and institutions. Also, individual business angels are engaged in IBAN activities. There are examples of public sector, private sector and “not profit” organisations’.

In addition, IBAN has links with the Italian Venture Capital Association (AIFI) and local and national associations of entrepreneurs; together with AIFI, IBAN fills an important gap in the Italian community of risk capital. IBAN also promotes and incentivizes women to become business angels; since 2017 IBAN is partner of EC/BAE WA4E project.

IBAN commitment to the ESIL project is to continue to collaborate with all these stakeholders, to contribute to a broader network, to promote skills to create new BAs and to improve the conditions of existing ones, supporting more startups to grow and scale up.

For further information stay tuned! And follow ESIL twitter @european_ESIL.

Published on 07-05-2018 00:00 by Valerie Wormsbecher. 1057 page views

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