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Promoting youth entrepreneurship in Murcia

EBN Member CEEI Murcia has organised 8th edition of ‘Minimarket’, an educational programme which promotes entrepreneurship and social responsibility between more than 2.500 students from 75 centres in the Region of Murcia.

120 cooperatives and business projects launched through ‘Empresa Joven Europea’ (EJE) and ‘Emprender en Mi Escuela’ (EME) programmes have presented their artisan products and have been shown to the customers.

As a novelty in this edition, held in the shopping centre Nueva Condomina in Murcia, 60 students conformed the ‘ECO patrols’, that encouraged recycling and were responsible for maintaining a pleasant and clean environment.

About 2.600 students exhibited and sold their artisan products in the eight edition of the school ‘Minimarket Región de Murcia’. This jumble sale represents the end of the educational programmes ‘Empresa Joven Europea’ (EJE) and ‘Emprender en Mi Escuela’ (EME), organised by different regional government institutions and where the European Business and Innovation Centre of Murcia and Cartagena (CEEIM and CEEIC) are actively involved in.

The main aim of these projects is to promote the entrepreneurship at early ages. This way, primary and secondary students from 75 schools of the Region have learned how to create and manage a business.

A total of 1.278 high school students and other 1.315 from primary schools have participated in this eight-edition, that represents 300 more students than in the previous edition. The students, divided in groups,  have created 120 enterprises in the form of cooperative societies.

This ‘Minimarket’ took place for the first time in the shopping centre Nueva Condomina in Murcia and it was an excellent opportunity for students to learn first-hand that their effort and commitment had a special reward. They all put into practice their economic, business and marketing skills learned throughout the course and they gave value to their products in a competitive market.

The school ‘Minimarket’ plays an important role in achieving the goal of fostering entrepreneurship in early ages in the Region of Murcia. Thanks to this project, based on experience, self-reliance, decision-making and risk-taking, the students develop abilities and values associated with the entrepreneurship. It helps them to improve their creativity, sense of initiative, leadership and teamwork.




Published on 19-06-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 22991 page views

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