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Tropical Group - Advertising in motion

What began as an ornamental fish farm turned out into one of the most innovative projects of the city of Medellín. That is the success story of Ricardo Agudelo and his company Tropical Group which was one of the first entrepreneurs graduating from the Ruta N programme, EBN's member in Colombia.

"To innovate is to take something that already exists and make it easier, cheaper or- even better -more exciting", says Ricardo.

As regards entrepreneurship and innovation, Ricardo moves like a fish in water. He was one of the first participants of NLab, the first supporting programme of Ruta N .  This experience coupled with his participation in other support programmes developed by Ruta N enabled him to convert his initial ornamental fish farm into a production of advertising aquariums.  Today it has become one of the “big fishes” for adverstising in Medellín.

But what is it all about and how did it start?  Ricardo, Business Administrator, and his brother Mauricio, built a business enabling companies to recreate their brands in scenarios that link it with environment and nature.
They realised that the positioning and recognition of the brand at present has an impact on the sales results in the future. This implies not only reaching a higher sales volume but also occupying the space in consumers’ minds. They decided then to combine their experience in advertising and in ornamental fishes and entered the world of communication with a new offer: to enable companies to develop the natural brand perception, conscious and responsible towards the environment through a friendly channel.  A channel that consumers would see, with an almost imperceptible advertising message but which would be reminded and impact the consumers’ mind. They took into consideration the interest of some companies to be involved in the ecosystem and their concerns about environmental problems.
After studying the market for one year, Tropical Group was born. Their first client, EPM, was the decisive starting point for the future of their business project. Big names such as TCC (an international transport and distribution Company) and Citroën joined their clients’ portfolio.
Their components harmonize, play and interact with the logo. They have also developed interactive terrariums and tables that combine environmental sounds and olfactory marketing to create new brand experiences. 

An idea you can see, hear and smell !

Detailed brochure on Ruta N activities.

Published on 06-11-2015 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2816 page views

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