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CEEIM has participated in four European entrepreneurial encouragement projects in 2016

BYOB, Entreprise+, Job Developer and Columbus are four of the European projects, focused on entrepreneurial encouragement, run by the Business Innovation Centre of Murcia in 2016.

Murcia Business Innovation Centre - CEEIM  offers to Europeans entrepreneurs the chance to start their business adventure through four projects which aim is to encourage and develop their entrepreneur skills.

BYOB (“Be Your Own Boss”) project, developed within ERASMUS+ Program, is aimed to promote self-employment and create small companies through a practical and customized learning process assisted by a coaching staff of professionals. This project, running for two years and whose six months’ pilot phase was hosted in CEEIM, allowed a group of young people from the Region of Murcia to develop their business ideas. For instance, Juan and Javier have created CANONE, thanks to BYOB. It is a textile business for big muscle men that will launch its products to the market in 2017.

Enterprise+, also under ERASMUS+, has allowed twelve young entrepreneurs to increase their abilities for setting up a business. The pilot phase of the project took place between April and May at CEEIM where entrepreneurs were trained in two different methodologies. The first one, Potential Analysis, which helped them to locate and set up their entrepreneurial talents and the other, Student Enterprises, in which they were taught to develop a Business Plan and to simulate the new business under a mentor supervision.

Job Developer project, the third ERASMUS+ initiative, is focused on detecting the talent of young entrepreneurs in order to make them become in real employment chances that could be adequate to ‘startups’ needs. The pilot phase will take place in May 2017 at CEEIM, where fifteen young people will be able to develop their entrepreneurial skills and setup their business ideas.

Finally, Columbus project, within Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program, consists on a business coaching program for European entrepreneurs who will have the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills by means of short stays in experienced companies. This project allows a full exchange of experiences among new and consolidated entrepreneurs. Besides, companies participating will have access to other markets and new business perspectives coming from the hosted entrepreneur. 

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