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EU|BICs always on the path of continuous improvement!

What makes the EU|BIC community so special? Many things of course! However, one of them, that keeps the community together in mutual trust is that they all comply to the EU|BIC quality mark criteria, the only existing standards of innovation-based incubation and acceleration. Standards that are officially recognized by the European Commission and that are becoming more and more reference to the worldwide incubation industry and to the international organization that are supporting it. Standards that are pushed higher and higher each year by the EU|BIC community members themselves.

As of today EU|BICs can count on a new brick to support their efforts for continuous improvement. Indeed the EU|BIC Benchmarking service is now live on the EBN platform.

An EU|BIC can now compare its profile and results with other pre-defined benchmark groups to understand where improvements can be made and where excellences are being implemented. Indeed a full report can be generated with charts, graphs and tables comparing the results of the EU|BIC with those in the same country, in the EBN network and within the benchmarking group. 

An example! An EU|BIC can get elements which will tell it where it stands in terms of: Value for Money, Deal-flowclients served, incubation activities, facilities and infrastructure, resources (financial and human)and much More!

To access the EU|BIC benchmarking service you need to be an EU|BIC first! so

If your organization is already an EU|BIC just follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the EBN platform with your login and password
  • Go to MY EBN MY EU|BIC Services Benchmarking
  • Read carefully the introduction page and then click on “Proceed to the Benchmarking Service”
  • Enjoy!

This is of course version 1.0. EBN will continue improving the service adding features in the future and improving the user experience.

We welcome all comments and inputs to improve the user experience and the final product, so please contact the EU|BIC service team for any questions/comments/inputs.

For more information, contact the EBN EU|BIC Services Team

Name: Luca Maini
Job title: Certification & Impact Manager
Phone: +3227611080
Click the image for a full profile
Name: Nathalie Marchand
Job title: Membership Officer
Phone: +32 2 761 10 84
Click the image for a full profile
Name: Florian Sora
Job title: Project Manager
Phone: +32 2 772 8900
Click the image for a full profile


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