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EBN Partner in Three New International Projects

These new projects are all about creating international centres and connecting European research, innovation and business organisations to their counterparts in Brazil, China and USA:

NearUS - Network for European Research and Innovation acceleration in the US

NearUS aims at establishing a Butterfly Network of Centres of European Research and Innovation as central contact point for support to EU research and innovation (R&I) actors seeking collaboration with and in the US. The NearUS Network/Centre will be coordinated through two nots in the EU and the US and be physically established in two main locations of interest (“landing hubs”) in the heart of the US eco-system: Silicon Valley and Boston. Additional network members will be added through “Associated Centres”.

CEBRABIC - Centre for Europe-Brazil Business and Innovation Cooperation

This CSA intends to establish and deploy the Centre for Europe-Brazil Business Innovation Cooperation (CEBRABIC). The Centre will connect and support European Research & Innovation & Business (R&I&B) organisations in the Brazilian market, while strengthening the European Union’s position as a world leader in Science, Technology and Innovation. The Centre will achieve these goals by sustainably offering a diverse set of services, including networking and partnering; business consultancy; pooling and sharing resources; investment attraction; capacity building and awareness raising.

ERICENA - European Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in China

ERICENA (European Research Innovation Centre of Excellence in China), a 48 month initiative implemented by 8 European and 5 Chinese partners, proposes to set up a Centre and its networks in China to promote European STI interests in China, creating synergies with existing STI structures. ERICENA will connect and support European researchers, entrepreneurs and other STI stakeholders, while providing and facilitating provision of STI services (e.g. networking, advice and support, training, among others) to private and public clients.

More detailed information will be available soon. For any questions or information requests please contact Robert Sanders, Head of International Projects at EBN. 

Published on 25-10-2016 00:00 by Cláudia Silva. 2368 page views

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