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Opportunities for researchers from the EaP countries in H2020 forthcoming calls

EBN, as project partner in the EaP Plus, would like to inform that there is a unique opportunity for the researchers in the EaP countries to participate in consortia with EU partners to prepare proposals in the H2020 Societal Challenge 5 (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing), since in the forthcoming Work Programme 2018 – 2020 there is a whole batch of calls recommending “in particular” the cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries.

More precisely, in the pre-published draft Work Programme (pdf), in the chapter 3.1 ‘Sustainable Process Industry’ (SPIRE) (page 62), at the end of the introduction the aforementioned recommendation is included and is relevant for all the calls that follow (CE -SPIRE – 01-2018 to CE – SPIRE – 09 – 2020).

The deadline for the first calls (CE-SPIRE-02-2018; 03-2018 and 10-2018) is on 22 February 2018, while the others will follow in 2019 and 2020.

For achieving a substantial participation of the EaP researchers in these calls, a pro-active mobilization from their side will be urgently needed. They should take the initiative to ‘knock on the door’ of researchers in EU they know from:

-         Previous joint research work;

-         Conferences where they met;

-         Publications in the respective field.

They can also consult the SPIRE Association’s (A.SPIRE) web site (, which includes:

·        A list of all the (mainly) EU Research Organizations that are members of SPIRE: ;

·        A list of completed and ongoing SPIRE H2020 projects, in which the participating research organization are mentioned:;

·        A tool in which they can upload their contact details, research interest and collaboration they are seeking:

In parallel, the ‘EaP PLUS’ project will implement a series of support actions to stimulate that process:

Ø Information Days in each EaP country, with particular focus on SPIRE calls;

Ø A Webinar on the SPIRE calls on 23rd November, that the researchers can freely attend that day (December 2017-March 2018);

Ø Grants to travel in EU for meeting partners preparing SPIRE proposals (Call launch on 5 November 2017).

For further details and schedule of these activities please see 

Published on 24-10-2017 00:00 by Raffaele Buompane. 802 page views

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