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EDP has chosen AI Talentum to participate in their innovation international programme

Located in CEEIM, the AI Talentum start-up company is competing in Lisbon with its PRIots project that enables responsible energy consumption. A few days ago, it was one of the finalists for the Regional Award for entrepreneurs: ‘Premio Emprendedor XXI’, organised by La Caixa bank and The Spanish Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy.

The AI Talentum company is participating in the EDP Open Innovation International competition in Portugal, for which ANCES, the National Association of Spanish BICs, has worked on its dissemination and attracting companies from its members.

The EDP Open Innovation competition is organised to recognise the best project in technological innovation in the energy sector. The start-up Al Talentum, whose offices are located in CEEIM, is entering this competition with its PRIoTs project: specialist software focused on the internet of things (IoT) that will enable  users to access information to optimize their energy consumption.

Amparo Roca,  director of the PRIoTs project in AI Talentum, will stay a month in Lisbon. She represents one of the 15 start-ups chosen to be in the Start-up Factory, and will be taking part in an intensive acceleration process with training on business plans and  presenting proposals. The final Gala will take place on the 2nd of November, when all projects will be presented at the EDP headquarters. The winner will be awarded a monetary prize of €50.000; and in addition to that the 3 finalists will be invited to present their projects at the Web Summit.

Responsible Energy Consumption

The PRIoTs platform is constantly analysing variables in economic and environmental sustainability as well as responsible patterns of consumption to provide the consumer with data for better energy use.

‘It is the first time that users will be able to access instant and customised data on their household or business energy consumption and production. As a consequence, they will be able to decide how to use their energy in a more responsibly manner and in a smart way. We make easier to reduce their energy bill, to know if their energy is from renewable sources or check their consumption behaviour, i.e if they use more or less energy during the day, etc.’ said Amparo Roca.

Technological Innovation

The technological innovation software has been developed by Talentum Artificial Intelligence with the support and guidence of CEEIM, a technology-based business accelerator centre. AI Talentum is specialised in the development and implementation of computer decision making processes systems. 

The PRIoTs  Project Manager explained that  ‘The self-contained device will be installed in industrial machinery (IOT) and household devices. The code can also be installed in any electric device to add  Artificial Intelligence to it. And the Data gathered and the smart energy management will enable the reduction energy consumption’ 

ANCES Open Innovation

The Open Innovation strategy of ANCES aims to bring the innovation and knowledge generated in the BICs to national and international big companies.

In this context, ANCES is carrying out actions in the framework of the programme with an active participation of startups coming from BICs such as CEEIM, in different sectors such as Safety, Building, Insurance and, horizontally, through digitalisation projects.

Over the next year, demand of innovation by big companies is expected to increase. These companies are looking to add competitive advantage through incorporating knowledge and innovative processes or products. More than 50 startups from ANCES BICs should benefit from this program and close commercial agreements with corporates.


Published on 28-10-2016 00:00 by Marta Gomez Andres. 3032 page views

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