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EER | Call for Expression of Interest from start-ups in EER labelled regions for the 2021 EBN Congre

Call for Expression of Interest from start-ups in EER labelled regions to pitch their ideas to investors @EBN Congress 2021 (14th & 15Th of September 2021)

The European Entrepreneurial Regions (EER)1 project partnership aims to foster the development and implementation of concrete collaborative action plans that will support the development of practical collaboration between regions to help entrepreneurs scale across the Single Market.

Opportunities for EER start-ups

If your company is registered in one of the EER regions, this opportunity is for you!

Within the project, we are offering the opportunity for up to 10 start-ups to participate in the EBN Congress 2021 and pitch their business to investors and corporates. 

1. Eligibility criteria:

This e-pitching event is for you if you fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Have a registered company is the EER labelled regions
  • Is legally incorporated
  • Can show a growth strategy and potential to scale
  • Has already raised a seed round (at least 150 k EUR in the past 3 years, excluding grants and team’s own investment
  • Has a committed and experienced management team
  • Is looking to raise funding (between 200k to 500k EUR)

2. Selection procedure

The selection process will be conducted by a jury within EBN, who will review and select successful applications based on the above–mentioned eligibility criteria. Due to the high volumes of application, feedback may not be available.  
3. Application process
Companies that fill in all the above criteria should apply by sending a pitch (of no more than 10 slides) as well as an executive summary in English to the following e-mail address: 
Please make sure that you properly highlight: 

Application deadline: 15th of August 2021 (end of COB). 

  • The typology of your company
  • Your product / service and the targeted market must be clearly explained: development stage, customer value proposition and validation, intellectual property rights
  • Management: covering the skills and experience of the CEO, main management team (CSO, CFO, COO, HR) and the management board
  • Market and business: business model and distribution, go to market strategy
  • Competition: competitive positioning and differentiation
  • Investment: cash flow position until series A funding, financial soundness and attractiveness, amount sought and intended use
  • One slide dedicated to the market opportunity
Application deadline: 15th of August 2021 (end of COB). 

4. EER’s digital pitching investment readiness workshop

In addition, the EER project is organising a dynamic investment readiness workshop on “how to get ready for your investment pitch” on (date & time) for companies who are selected to pitch during the EBN Congress 2021. 

This workshop will be set – up in an interactive way and will be divided into two main parts. Firstly, participants will enjoy a 40-minute masterclass on the dos and don’ts regarding the art of pitching, which will be followed by a dynamic Q&A session (15 – 20 minutes). Our expert, (name of expert) will be asked to delve into the following key elements:  
  • How to make your business idea understandable
  • How to tailor your pitch to your audience
  • How to perform a convincing pitch (visual story & delivery)
Once the Q&A session has been finalised, the second part of the workshop will kickstart. A total of 10 selected start-ups will be divided into 2 different breakout rooms. Each breakout rooms will include 5 companies, 1 expert and a moderator. Each company will be asked to pitch their business for 5 minutes and will then receive 5 minutes of feedback on their pitch from the expert. Below, you will find the agenda of the session for your perusal:  
  • Welcome and Introduction to the EBN Network (10 minutes).
  • Introduction to EER & concept of workshop (5 – 10 minutes)
  • Masterclass on “how to get ready for your investment pitch” by (name of expert)
  • Interactive Q&A session for all attendees (10 – 15 minutes)
  • Virtual Coffee Break (5minutes)
  • Introduction of experts & reminder of rules of digital pitching exercise
  • Pitching coaching session (in parallel)
    • 5 companies per session / 1 moderator and 1 coach from the EBN Network. Companies will have 5 minutes to pitch and will receive instant individual and constructive feedback from the coaches (5minutes).
  • Closing of the workshop (5minutes).
Associated project: EER II
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