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EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria Updated

The EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria represent the identity of the EU|BICs, the full members of EBN. EU|BICs, being fundamental actors of the incubation and acceleration industry need to ensure that their operations are up to the standards, and in doing so they implement the innovation-based incubation, acceleration and scale-up support processes that enable the creation and the strengthening of the local entrepreneurial textures.  However, the incubation industry has undergone enormous changes in the last years, that brought to the need of revising the criteria themselves to ensure that they still represent industry standards.

Although the mission has not changed extensively (EU|BICs have been, and still are, there to help spur innovation within the entrepreneurial communities), new tools, new methods, new processes and new actors and players have come into play, engaging the way EU|BICs operate daily.

On the 3rd of February 2017, the EBN Board of Directors has approved the newly-revised EU|BIC Criteria, which were drafted by the EBN Team with the support of a dedicated Expert Working Group composed by EU|BIC managers and practitioners.

If you are interested to see whether your organization meets the EU standards of innovation-based incubation and whether you can attain the EU|BIC trademark, please contact or

Published on 14-02-2017 00:00 by David Tee. 2430 page views

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