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BIC Euronova exploring best methods in inclusive incubation

On 15 February 2018, Laura Calderón from EBN Member BIC Euronova visited Social Impact Lab Frankfurt (Germany) to learn about the organisation’s structure and best practices in inclusion and social innovation, while sharing EU|BICs’ methodologies in supporting entrepreneurship. The visit was a part of FIBIA project’s peer reviews powered by EBN and JP Morgan Foundation.

This was BIC Euronova’s second interaction with the organisation; in September 2017, Farid Bidardel from Social Impact visited BIC Euronova to assess their ways of  empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs.  The purpose of these peer-reviews is to stimulate creation of inclusive services among EU|BICs while also sharing their expertise in entrepreneurship support.

Representing BIC Euronova, Laura Calderón visited Social Impact Lab’s co-working and events space, exploring its social innovation ecosystem and the tools put in place to support disadvantaged entrepreneurs. Social Impact Lab’s co-working space hosts 50 entrepreneurs;  around half of them are supported by two specific programmes developed by Social Impact Lab Frankfurt:  AndersGründer project and the ChancenNutzer project, sponsored by the FIBIA Project’s main partner, JPMorgan Chase Foundation.  

Laura had the chance to testify the impact of the projects first-hand:

“I had the opportunity to verify ChancenNutzer’s project’s viability and efficiency by meeting an entrepreneur from Syria, how has been successfully supported by the programme.  I find such programmes great tools to find solutions to social problems through entrepreneurship.”

Powered by EBN and JP Morgan Foundation, the peer-reviews within the FIBIA project are a great way to engage EU|BICs in moving towards more inclusive society, while capitalising on existing expertise in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation.

Other EBN Members are benefiting from this opportunity such as BDF. Interested in taking part? Get in touch with Clarelisa Camilleri, EBN project manager responsible of the FIBIA project.


Associated member: BIC Euronova S.A.
Published on 02-03-2018 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 12266 page views

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