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2016 Benchmarking Reports now ready for download!

The benchmarking reports for 2016 are now ready for download! 

As of this year EU|BICs will be able to benchmark their organisation’s performance with that of others in the network choosing a sectorial filter. That is, they will be benchmarked against 10 other EU|BICs that focus on the same sector – indicated by their client’s percentage specified in section 3 of the questionnaire.

Reports are accessible via the EBN platform! My EBN --> Benchmarking --> Proceed to benchmarking service

These reports are the direct result of our full members' efforts in filling in the self-assessment questionnaire, therefore we thank you for them for their ongoing support!!

If you'd like your organisation to be benchmarked against others in your country, or against those of the same size, income and type - or against the entire EBN network then get in touch with the EU|BIC services team! 

Published on 18-10-2016 00:00 by Clarelisa Camilleri . 2082 page views

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