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EBN Congress - Take your business to the skies

With the rise of information and communication technologies the world has become as small as a football field. Or so it seems … and many SMEs or start-ups nurture the not-so-secret dream to expand internationally. Yet, marketing services or goods at international level is far from being an easy task and finding the right people to help you adjust your operations from local to international markets is a real challenge.  It requires both human and financial resources, and it is really demanding in terms of multicultural awareness.

The power of networking to find the right infrastructure and the right partners who will mobilize all available means to boost your company abroad should not be disregarded. For an International Network such as EBN, this is business as usual, and about Smart take-off and Soft landing!

Various projects are precisely busy with this issue, such as EUROMED@Change, TESLA, INNO-INDIGO and the recently started CONNECT EU-BRAZIL; several EU initiatives aimed at boosting global competitiveness through innovation, excellence, the development of start-ups, SMES and clusters transnationally or at international level.

Get insights and tips from India, Brazil, Western Europe, and the Mediterranean side (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon). Join the “Connected Internationally” Workshop on Wednesday 25 June from 15.30.



  • Sofia ESTEVES, SPI-EBN - Porto (P)/Brussels (EU)
  • Marie LONGSERRE, Santa Fe Business Incubator and NBIA - Santa FE, NM (USA)
  • Phil KEMP, Business Foundations - Australia


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Published on 26-05-2014 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 1303 page views

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