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ValléeCo: the new business club of BEP Namur

Created at the initiative of the BEP Namur together with two local development agencies of the region the new business club ValléeCo was officially launched on 28 January 2016. Their mission is to reinforce the exchanges and encounters between entrepreneurs of the region.

Preventing isolation of entrepreneurs and creating a place where they can meet definitely helps them generate and promote links between small craft, commercial and larger industrial or service businesses settling down on the Enterprise Park managed by BEP or in the region. They can regularly receive collective feedback on individual or mutual concern, identify needs and solutions and implement a set of actions, inform and raise awareness among stakeholders and decision makers for the business community, initiate partnerships and ventures or groups of interest.

Business clubs also bring added value to the BEP Namur and other public/private operators in the region as they are important relays for inbound and outbound information more specifically when it relates to business concerns in terms of setting up and coaching but also in the framework of collective actions for companies.

Published on 19-02-2016 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 1705 page views

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