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Special Interest Groups

As part of its services offering, EBN has set up a number of Special Interest Groups (SIG) to address the growing demand of our members to get actively involved through sector (vertical dimension) and thematic (transversal cross-cutting dimension) dynamics.

Following both a strategic and a bottom-up analysis, we have decided to start the seven following SIGs:

Three sector-specific SIGS:

Four cross-cutting thematic SIGs:

Strategic, content & opportunity-driven approach

As sectoral interests and expertise emerge, these SIGs will have a strategic mission:

  • Collectively building up a strategy and pooling knowledge/practices base within their group, in order to enable EBN members to consistently capture relevant trends.
  • Positioning the BICs and EBN members better at European levels as relevant and credible experts/multipliers in these fields.
  • Sharing intelligence, data, documents, publications, projects databases/results, experts profiles, members’ initiatives, events & meetings, companies’ profiles & success-stories.
  • Identifying and catching business (BIC2BIC, B2B) and collaborative projects (HORIZON 2020, ERASMUS +, INTERREG, etc) opportunities under each areas.

Express Your Interest

Applications are open to all EBN Member Organisations. Any person from the same organisation can complete the application form. They must login to the EBN website using their individual username and password. The total number of SIGs chosen cannot exceed three per organisation.

Step 1: Chose your first SIG (as per priority). You will be asked to explain your motivation for participating in this SIG as well as show some expertise (projects, events, clients, etc.) all in relation with this topic.

Step 2: If you are interested in more than one SIG, go to the next page, chose the second SIG and follow the same process as for SIG1 up to SIG3. Then SUBMIT. It is possible to SAVE the current form at any time before submitting.

Step 3: After submitting, successful eligible candidates will be invited to the next meeting of the SIG(s) they applied for.

EBN Members Apply Now

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