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Service Overview

EBN Services cover a wide range of activities designed to help members deliver high quality support to their clients. Our service offer includes:

EU|BIC Services

A unique “certification & benchmarking system” for technology-based incubators & accelerators

  • We deploy a professional quality and certification system for incubators and accelerators, and the only certification system recognised by the European Union and other institutions such as ESA
  • We certify business support organisations assuring quality standards are maintained, and we offer benchmarking, training & peer-review services
  •

International Hub

A vibrant international networking platform for intermediaries and an international soft-landing business platform for Start-ups, SMEs and Entrepreneurs

  • We offer cross-border and international connections and B2B/Partnership opportunities to our members, their customers, and partners
  • We connect and we network our members together and to their external environment through a series of high-level events, conferences and workshops
  •

Projects Lab

An exceptionally efficient “EU-funded projects” collaborative factory

  • We develop new proposals for the benefit of our members on a series of strategic & relevant matters
  • We deliver projects and run a growing portfolio of 30+ EC-funded projects in which our members are the driving forces
  •

Networking as a Service

  • We develop our community, both online and offline
  • We share best practice, success stories and knowledge through downloadable content and events
  • We run special interest groups, for example, focussing on Horizon 2020
  • We run road-shows and promotion to help members convince stakeholders
  • We run study tours to, and from Europe
  •

Events & Exchange Forum

  • We run a major international Congress each year in conjunction with an EBN member
  • We run an annual Policy Event in Brussels, linking members with the latest opportunities from the EU
  • We run a TechCamp to enable members to share effective tools and techniques and showcase useful resources
  • We develop events with our project partners
  •

EU Gateway

An unquestioned reputation within European Government circles (EC, EP, EIB, ESA), National/Regional Public Authorities, and non-EU agencies

  • We share this notoriety with our members through a constant focus on our Smart Speciality: the support to innovative start-ups & high-growth entrepreneurs.
  • We influence EU & other governments, and we assist policy-makers and agencies in establishing adequate and vibrant innovation ecosystems
  •

Open Innovation

  • We are developing new tools for startup to corporate cooperation in the are of IP
  • We are developing business to finance services for the investment community
  •
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