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  • If you want to know about BICs in general, participate to one of our EU|BIC Essentials training
  • If you want to deepen some particular segment of the entrepreneurship support value chain, participate in one of our next trainings, participate to our next webinars or read some EBN Publications
  • If you want to figure out exactly how the certification process works read the official documentation
  • If you want to start the certification process, or have any other matter you want to discuss contact the EBN EU|BIC Services Team below
  • If you want to ask for consulting services contact the EBN BIC Services Team below

For more information, contact the EBN EU|BIC Services Team

Name: Luca Maini
Job title: Certification & Impact Manager
Phone: +3227611080
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Name: Nathalie Marchand
Job title: Membership Officer
Phone: +32 2 761 10 84
Click the image for a full profile
Name: Florian Sora
Job title: Project Manager
Phone: +32 2 772 8900
Click the image for a full profile

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