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EBN International Representatives

EBN has many international representatives. In some countries there are strong national networks of EU|BICs. Elsewhere, EBN has established local country representatives.

EBN Country Representatives

EBN Country Representatives act as EBN's local offices in a specificed country. They are the first point of contact for organisations within the country who are interested in EBN membership or services. Using local knowledge, EBN Representatives are responsible for promoting EBN and the value of EU|BICs to stakeholders within their territory.

EBN in Canada


EBN in China

WUXI China-Europe



National Networks

National networks work to represent EBN members in their own countries. They have strong relationships with the national and regional authorities and present the EU|BIC model as an example of best practice for the creation of innovative new businesses.

French Network


Irish Network

Irish BICs

Portuguese Network



Spanish Network



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