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The EBN Quality System

For more than 10 years, through the management of the Quality System, EU|BICs have been systematically screened for their compliance to the EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria and new organisations have been certified. EBN is an open and living network and each year many new organisations acquire the right use the EU|BIC trademark, while some existing EU|BICs loose that very same privilege.

The quality system, described in detail here, is based on an annual web-based, self-assessment questionnaire and a peer-to-peer audit system. Each year the standards are brought to a higher level requiring continuous reassessment of tools used for verifying quality compliance as well as a review of the EU|BIC quality mark criteria.

The management of the quality system makes EBN the holder of a unique dataset on the European incubation industry, data that is used for many purposes over and above quality assurance.

The EU|BIC Quality System enables:

  • The provision of the EBN quality assurance service for each existing or new EU|BIC, increasing year after year the prestige of the EU|BIC trademark.
  • The promotion of the EU|BIC communities at all levels, through the realization of Observatory reports, which provide precious data on the state of the industry.
  • The delivery of sophisticated individual benchmarking reports which enable EU|BICs to understand their weaknesses and their strengths, learn best practices and to install a truely continuous improvement mind-set.
  • An increased knowledge of the overall EU|BIC community thus enabling serious and precious networking opportunities among the trusted members.
  • The delivery of more tailor-made services and products directed to EU|BICs from EBN.
  • Increased opportunities coming from the participation to EU Projects through the acquisition of transversal information among members.

For more information, contact the EBN EU|BIC Services Team

Name: Luca Maini
Job title: Quality & Research Officer
Phone: +3227611080
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Name: Nathalie Marchand
Job title: Membership Officer
Phone: +32 2 761 10 84
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Name: Florian Sora
Job title: Project Manager
Phone: +32 2 772 8900
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