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EBN is an open community for any business support organisation whose mission is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups or innovative SMEs. EBN has two membership categories:

  • EU|BICs – certified business and innovation centres, incubators, accelerators and other business support organisations, recognised by the European Union
  • Associate Members – organisations who work in our ecosystem, partner with us in projects or events, and participate in activities related to innovation and business

EBN membership includes access to added-value services to support the growth of innovative ideas, business incubation and acceleration, internationalisation solutions and involvement in international projects. Download an overview of EBN. Join now!

Our Members

Our members come from many types of organisation, the common theme being the support of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs:

Our Services to members

EU|BIC Services

A unique “certification & benchmarking system” for technology-based incubators & accelerators

  • We deploy a professional quality and certification system for incubators and accelerators, and the only certification system recognised by the European Union and other institutions such as ESA
  • We certify business support organisations assuring quality standards are maintained, and we offer benchmarking, training & peer-review services
  •

International Hub

A vibrant international networking platform for intermediaries and an international soft-landing business platform for Start-ups, SMEs and Entrepreneurs

  • We offer cross-border and international connections and B2B/Partnership opportunities to our members, their customers, and partners
  • We connect and we network our members together and to their external environment through a series of high-level events, conferences and workshops
  •

Projects Lab

An exceptionally efficient “EU-funded projects” collaborative factory

  • We develop new proposals for the benefit of our members on a series of strategic & relevant matters
  • We deliver projects and run a growing portfolio of 30+ EC-funded projects in which our members are the driving forces
  •

Networking as a Service

  • We develop our community, both online and offline
  • We share best practice, success stories and knowledge through downloadable content and events
  • We run special interest groups, for example, focussing on Horizon 2020
  • We run road-shows and promotion to help members convince stakeholders
  • We run study tours to, and from Europe
  •

Events & Exchange Forum

  • We run a major international Congress each year in conjunction with an EBN member
  • We run an annual Policy Event in Brussels, linking members with the latest opportunities from the EU
  • We run a TechCamp to enable members to share effective tools and techniques and showcase useful resources
  • We develop events with our project partners
  •

EU Gateway

An unquestioned reputation within European Government circles (EC, EP, EIB, ESA), National/Regional Public Authorities, and non-EU agencies

  • We share this notoriety with our members through a constant focus on our Smart Speciality: the support to innovative start-ups & high-growth entrepreneurs.
  • We influence EU & other governments, and we assist policy-makers and agencies in establishing adequate and vibrant innovation ecosystems
  •

Open Innovation

  • We are developing new tools for startup to corporate cooperation in the are of IP
  • We are developing business to finance services for the investment community
  •
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