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EBN Membership Services Summary

EBN provides a range of services to its members. These are summarised below.

BIC Services

Certification Services
  • We certify the quality of your services to start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • We help you develop a BIC business model that fulfils your stakeholders’ requirements
  • We help you establish BICs for regional, local, and municipal government; Chambers of Commerce and Industry; Clusters; Science and Technology Parks; Universities etc
  • We help you get acknowledgement / credibility towards your local/regional/national stakeholders through an EC recognised accreditation process that guarantees the provision of high quality services to your client SMEs on the ground and the creation of sustainable companies in your regions
  • We help you position yourself on the market of innovation players through benchmarking services/reports
Technical Assistance
  • We advise and assist in innovation ecosystem establishment considering the wider issues than just a BIC
  • We help you strengthen local business support policy
  • We help you analyse your situation and develop strategies for improvement of service delivery
    Training and Coaching
  • We provide you with ad hoc trainings on latest tools and methodologies aimed at improving your performance as innovation centres, incubators etc
  • We are industry thought leaders; foresight group; state of the art; how to react
  • We help you in not getting “left behind” by providing access to the latest thinking, tools etc


  • We connect peers and allow you to be part of the “tribe”
  • We offer you a permanent assistance through the EBN “secretariat” in Brussels: a multicultural and multilingual team with expertise in technical assistance, events, networking, EU financing opportunities, promotion, etc
  • We give you a Brussels address / meeting space / promo space whenever you are here
  • We create connections with other key actors of innovation such as universities, research centres, science and techno parks and clusters in Europe and beyond
  • We connect you with other acknowledged business incubation networks in Asia, Brazil and the USA with whom we have developed close/strategic partnerships
B2B Services
  • We provide B2B opportunities; matchmaking between members
  • We help you access to deal-flow from BIC clients
  • We help you get first-sight of innovations from BIC clients
  • We show you opportunities for collaboration with start-ups
  • We give you access to BIC clients for open innovation-type searches


  • We help identify and implement internationalisation opportunities for your clients
  • We open the doors to internationalisation for your client companies thanks to our “smooth take-off / soft landing” platform


  • EBN Congress
  • Policy Event
  • TechCamp
  • Project Events

Project Factory

  • We offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge and best practices through the participation in EU projects and to create close bounds with peer partners across Europe through collaborative work
  • We give you access to project funding opportunities
  • We connect you to EU actions and funding

EU Gateway

  • We inform you about EU policy, current and future
  • We help you get more visibility at EU & international level

Tools and Resources

  • We inform you about EU policy, current and future
  • We help you get more visibility at EU & international level

Open Innovation

  • We inform you about EU policy, current and future
  • We help you get more visibility at EU & international level
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