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Strengthening the early stage investment landscape in Europe

From 14:00 to 19:00
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Strengthening the early stage investment

landscape in Europe


This event will reflect on the  Results of the Early Stage Investing Launchpad (ESIL) and examine the future outlook for early stage investors in Europe

EBN, partner of ESIL project, invites you to the final event that will be held on 11 December in Brussels, in the Auditorium of Walkin & Meraki The Artist (Avenue des Arts 6, Brussels).

This event will gather Local Leaders of each country, representatives of the European Commission and project partners, with the aim to discuss ESIL's results and lessons learned, and how the investment ecosystem in Europe will develop in the future. We will also have a roundtable discussion on impact, sustainability and future needs.

The Early-Stage Investing Launchpad is an initiative that aims to empower European investors through training, webinars, study visits and a digital platform to foster a connected network that could collaborate and co-invest across European borders.

Join us for this event and meet the ESIL community!




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