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From 28 Jan 2020 to 29 Jan 2020
Location: LaVallée Creative Hub - Molenbeek, Belgium

Creative FLIP, a project run in consortium with EBN Member VVA Brussels, is proud to announce the “CCS Ecosystems: FLIPPING THE ODDS” Conference – a two-day high-level stakeholder event jointly organised with the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.

During this 2-day event, CCS support organisations, advisors, financiers and policy makers at all levels are invited to join the discussion and help FLIP the odds for CSS financing. The event will be the moment to take stock and learn from existing initiatives that support access to finance for CCS, but especially to reflect and debate about how we can still do better.

DAY 1:
Take stock of the current CCS ecosystem, and discuss with CCS support organisations, advisors, financiers and policy makers what the (common) priorities are to further strengthen the ecosystem in the coming years. What are the necessary building blocks for a mature support ecosystem, how should these building blocks connect and interact, and what is the role of different actors?

DAY 2:
Zoom in on the role of the EU in stimulating better CCS financing and innovation: which policy actions have been taken in past years and what can Europe do next to further stimulate the sustainable development of cultural and creative activities in Europe? Discuss how the recommendations of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) groups “Access to Finance” and “Public Policies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in CCS” and the Cross-sectoral Council conclusions have been implemented in the different member states and regions and what still needs to be done.

For further details and to register, click here.

Associated member: VVA Brussels Sprl
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