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LatitudeN - Germany

LatitudeN is a technology company providing innovative location-based solutions with focus in tourism. Using  modern mobile technologies, whether outdoor or indoor, LatitudeN develops value-added mobile products and services to municipalities, companies and other tourism players willing to reinvent the users’ travel experience. LatitudeN is part of the Technology Transfer Programme of the European Space Agency (ESA) since its inception in foundation in 2009.

The Challenges 

There were three major hurdles faced during the start-up phase of the company.

The first big challenge was the ability to make the transition from a concept (many times not completely matured yet) to a working prototype. During this process, it was necessary to adjust features and the model to accommodate the real market feedback. A permanent contact with potential clients was crucial in order to create a “wanted” product.

The second big hurdle funding. A good idea without  financial resources to bring it to market and pass the market entry proof always risks failure. Getting access to funding is often a vicious circle, with investors requesting a prototype and clients, while the s the company needs financial backing to achieve those milestones.

Finally, the ability to question the first business model and test alternative approaches during the start-up phase was crucial,  but difficult to accept from the entrepreneurial perspective

The Incubator Advantage 

Like a child when entering for the first time in the school, entrepreneurs needs asupport and guidance during the first uncertain) steps. The incubation at the European Space Agency Technology Transfer Programme brought much needed guidance and support to LatitudeN. Firstly, networking with other entrepreneurs, already in the programme, helped to avoid some common mistakes made by the beginner entrepreneur. This saved time and avoided potential problems. Secondly, it brought technical and administrative support. As Bruno Fernandes of LatitudeN feels, "Our incubator helped us achieve a more robust prototype and helped to  simplify  and save time on bureaucratic procedures.  Finally, and quite importantly, the incubator brought the financial resources precious to a successful implementation of the beta product."

And More 

Bruno is is of the opinion that the incubation process is an excellent opportunity to establish contact and stimulate collaboration between entrepreneurs, generating synergies which may make the difference between success and failure.  It also offers the possibility of  funding for projects, which can be hard to come by, especially in the IT sector.

Where to find us

LatitudeN GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7,
64293 Darmstadt,


The Incubator

ESA BIC Darmstadt (cesah)
764293 Darmstad
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