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Telmoco Development Labs - India

Telmoco Development Labs (P) Ltd is the brain child and joint venture, founded by Nijesh CR and Aadhith Bose. Kalpa later joined the team as the third promoter of the company and is responsible for the everyday financial functioning of this start-up. Telmoco, as the name indicates, focuses on innovation in the telecom, mobile and computing sector. It invests hugely in R&D on advanced electronics and designs high-speed computing devices. Attitude Daksha is the first product to be launched by Telmoco and it offers an affordable smart tablet for the people of modern India. Daksha has been inspired by the technological and computing advances and is made for high speed, high performance computing. The team at Telmoco feels that there is a need for a cost- effective handheld computing device; is now a necessity not just for people in the sub-continent, but for people across the globe to enable the sharing and transfer of knowledge.

The challenges

The main difficulties in getting started were the lack of finance and finding the right professionals with the necessary industry know-how in computing device design and advance computing. Several months of Google searches and exploring various professional channels yielded little and it was hard to find anyone with the right skills set. The search eventually uncovered some white papers from ARM Holdings and resulted in several meetings with Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design contractors. But as every entrepreneur knows, expertise advice and money are key, and of course scarce. Technopark TBIC provided invaluable support, from mentoring to providing infrastructure to scheduling meeting with professors, and the breakthrough was achieved.

The incubator advantage

Technopark TBI (which is run by the Goverment of Kerala) is one of India’s leading business and technology incubators. The entrepreneurs were ‘virtually incubated’ during their first year at University. Starting an electronics research company as a student is a Herculean task and the young team feels they would never have taken off if not for the support of TBI. They provided the start-up with needed resources and facilities and the results of that speak for themselves today as Attitide Daksha has opened up a whole new world of portable IT capability for the Indian market.

And more...

Nijesh and Aadith are clear that Technopark TBI provided them with the right framework to make things happen - the facilities to test, research and schedule meetings. As far as incubators are concerned they are convinced that TBI is the best there is, especially as the incubator management team have always been on hand to address doubts, encourage the entrepreneurs and help solve problems when things were going wrong. Nijesh is outspoken in his views on incubation and is clear that that “without the help of their incubator they would not be where they are today.”

Where to find us

Box No 101,
Technopark TBIC,
Technopark Campus,
Park Centre,
Kerala, India

Technopark TBIC,
Technopark Campus,
Kerala, India - 695581
Published on 06-06-2012 12:04 by David Tee. 747 page views

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