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Innovation in Innovation Management

With a background in marketing research gained from her work within research institutes and large companies in Europe, Séverine Herlin turned to marketing research for start-ups by creating ViaNoveo; a company that was launched to mentor innovative projects in Sophia-Antipolis, Southern France.
Noticing the inadequacy of standard strategic marketing methods, ViaNoveo set a benchmark to a new methodology based around existing approaches to marketing for innovative company activities. While most of the existing marketing methods remain at a rather theoretical level, Séverine found ISMA360® (Innovation Systemic Marketing Analysis) a methodology invented by Dominique Vian, a very operational and efficient approach to guide the entrepreneur and his/her team in their strategic goals. This approach is based on the theory of near decomposability systems (Herbert Simon, 2000) and the theory of effectuation (Saras Sarasvathy, 1998).

The first applications in this approach with start-ups immediately validated her intuition and motivated her to launch ViaNoveo with Dominique Vian, in order to find the conditions for a large scale deployment of the system. Since the launch, Dominique has completed a doctorate on the subject and is now pursuing his research at Skema Business School and supporting the method's deployment.
Séverine was convinced that the only way to efficiently use the method was through internet based software (SAAS mode). The purpose of which was to give access to the first systemic approach, to present all the variables, questions specific to the innovation context and their relationship in a structured and logical way. Therefore ViaNoveo developed ViaDesigner, the only collaborative platform that gives full access to the ISMA360® method.

Binding all these variables together, as well as questions specific to innovation, ViaDesigner gives access to all the stages and processes an entrepreneur must go through to identify, the most relevant market entry points. This process allows the innovator to identify, organize and rationalize all his/her information. Thus, at a specified time, he/she is able to extract a logical and operational representation of a market and its accessibility.

Today, ViaNoveo's customers are start-ups, SMEs, large companies as well as business coaches. With ViaNoveo's offering, they have an efficient tool to help each of their customers face the uncertainty and complexity of launch, market penetration and success.

The entrepreneur Guillaume Pertinant recently said, “Using ViaDesigner helped me to go from the Titanic ballroom to the Bridge of the Titanic and in doing so, I was able to face the approaching situation and take steps to avoid the iceberg before it was too late”.

Pascal Denizart, Head Marketing and Sales Officer at IFTH (Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement) said, “Because our daily challenge is to combine Innovation and Solutions for companies in the textile industry, we were looking for a new way to integrate our unique R&D expertise into our offer so that we meet customer's needs. ViaNoveo, with its breakthrough methodology and tools has helped us to find a common language among our team of experts”.
Published on 27-02-2013 13:06 by David Tee. 999 page views

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