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I am delighted to welcome you to the very first issue of The Business Incubator magazine.

There has possibly never been a more important time, in international business, for business incubation. As economies throughout the developed and developing world are striving to find growth, business incubators are nurturing the nascent enterprises that will form a vital part of the recovery. The incubation industry is certainly getting stronger, but a concerted effort is needed to share and highlight the excellent work that is being done around the world. It is our aim to be the global voice of this vibrant sector and to bring our subscribers news of successes in all sectors, and from all regions.

Our contributors are experts in their fields, and through this magazine we aim to provide a steady stream of advice and best practice from the best there is in this business.

In this edition, for example, we have features on what Business Angels look for when funding incubatees and how to maximise the innovation potential in an incubator. In Money Matters, we have looked at ways to source innovative means of developing revenue streams to help an incubator stay afloat in these difficult times. We have also added snippets of news from around the world and some interesting, and hopefully enjoyable, tools and resources that practitioners could use themselves, or pass on to inspire and motivate the fledgling businesses under their care.

Putting this first issue together has been both challenging and immensely rewarding and we have many people to thank. Our contributors who took time out of their busy schedules to lend their knowledge and expertise, colleagues and friends who lent their time and talents... all of which helped us get to this point. Last, but in no way least, I would like to thank Philippe Vanrie and the team at EBN, whose generous sponsorship, help and encouragement made this first issue a reality; our gratitude to them cannot be expressed in mere words.

We hope you enjoy this first issue; we welcome your suggestions and feedback. Although based in Europe, The Business Incubator is the platform for the global incubation market. We want the magazine to be about you, and your concerns, so wherever you are, please get in touch with us and let us know how we can make future issues as relevant to you as possible.

We certainly believe that launching a new magazine at a time of financial austerity, demonstrates just the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that incubators are trying to foster, and the team at TBI feel a real empathy with those in the industry. Together with you, we are the voice of the industry that is making a positive difference...


Sangeetha Shinde
Managing Editor
Published on 22-05-2012 16:08 by Sangeetha Shinde. 443 page views

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