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2Fold20 Play - United Kingdom

2Fold20 Play is a gaming company designed to capitalise on the next stage of the casual, social gaming market and rapidly evolving convergence. The company launched its first game, Enjoy! Karaoke into the public BETA at the end of April 2012 and has grown rapidly to over 40,000 monthly users. Still at the BETA, stage the game has been reviewed by the BBC and has already received multiple celebrity tweets, and international interest from major partner companies.  Gamezebo said;, "Facebook is huge. Karaoke is huge. Put em together, and you get Enjoy! Karaokepotentially the biggest game to hit Facebook in a long time. 2Fold20 Play was founded through a collaboration between TwoFold Twenty and CreativeAdvantage Fund, receiving incubation support from e4f (Birmingham Science Park). The 50th e4f company to join the e4f program and marked by a visit to Birmingham Science Park by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, in November 2011, 2Fold20 Play’s management team includes expertise in film, TV, gaming, marketing, digital, media, music and venture capital.  They have a track record of building successful teams, projects, and new business es in the digital entertainment space.

The Challenges

2Fold20 Play faced many of the same challenges that face any business - from finding great people, to managing costs, time and planning, but in particular the cost of developing the launch game required considerable finance. In addition, in a busy marketplace it’s always difficult for a new game or app to break through and grow an audience. Finding the right incubation partner and seed funding, as well as angel funding, were the biggest challenges to get the project started. A great deal of persistence and prototype development,on a shoe string, was required to find the funds and progress to full scale development and launch. No easy task!

The Incubator Advantage

2Fold20 Play benefited significantly from the support of e4f (Birmingham Science Park). As well as good advice/mentoring, the e4f understood the challenges of starting up and helped to minimize costs, find PR opportunities and showcase our product to a wide range of businesses, partners, and investors. They found the much-needed start-up support which was invaluable in getting them from idea to a place of business strength.

And More

Neill Watson, CEO , said that, Starting any business is challenging and finding the right support is essential to maximise the chance of success. Having the support of e4f, Creative Advantage Fund and TwoFoldTwenty really helped us to progress the business effectively in the early days from finance, to advice and product exposure. Philip Bulley, Creative & Development Director  of the company  was similarly positive about the incubator's input. He said, Developing a new game for a busy market is tough, but the support of the e4f incubator was great in helping us gain a platform to showcase Enjoy! Karaoke.

Where to find us

2Fold20 Play (Product Name: Enjoy! Karaoke)

Faraday Wharf,
Holt Street,
B7 4BB, UK


The Incubator

e4f Faraday
Wharf, Holt Street,
B7 4BB, UK
Published on 14-10-2012 15:11 by David Tee. 1256 page views

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