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Dutch Incubator Association

Inqubator Friesland helps raise €3million revenue in 3 years

Inqubator Leeuwarden recently celebrated it's third birthday, and launched a new incubatee ‘Juiced Boards’ which was selected for the incubation programme. With this innovative student company that creates ‘Longboard type’ skateboards, the total number of associated entrepreneurs has now reached fifty. With this young initiative in the upper north, Frisian part of The Netherlands, the founding organisation, Business Development Friesland (BDF) has proved there is a lot innovative and entrepreneurial potential in the region. Lennard Drogendijk, owner of BDF and board member of EBN said, "he was always confident about the need for an incubator which would be well connected to research & education but also to business in the region." Although it took him many years to convince sponsors and government, as a seasoned entrepreneur he knew what aspiring entrepreneurs needed; focus on clients and revenue and he knew that incubators were the answer with their know-how, lower operational costs and financial and sales support.

Rotterdam Science Tower rises to the cause of Healtcare Innovation

October 4th, 2012, saw the launch of Rotterdam Science Tower (RST). The Science Tower is geared to be the new home of the Business Incubators of Erasmus University and Erasmus Medical Centre. Comprising15.000 m2, the RST will not only facilitate start-ups and spinoffs,  but it will also host ML2 and ML3 laboratories and space for health & life ecience companies. Besides this, three Educational institutes have planned to house their laboratory training in the Tower. With this investment, the City of Rotterdam, Fortress and Erasmus University and Medical Centre aim to boost new products, services and entrepreneurship in the 'cure & care' sectors .

Three decades of BTC Twente

The Business Technology Centre Twente is the oldest University Incubator in the Netherlands. Since 1982 it has supported over seven hundred companies many of which were started by the University Twente alumni. Based on the research done for the 30th anniversary, is showed that 8o percent of these companies are still going strong, 16 percent of the companies ceased operation because of personal choices by the entrepreneur(s)  and  only 5 percent went bankrupt. Quite a performance for a hi-technology incubator. In TheNetherlands, it is testament to the unique impact of such a program over a long term. With this incubator, based on the Business & Science Park Enschede, the Twente University can quite aptly position itself as entrepreneurial university.

The Dutch Incubator Association (DIA) has been established to provide the Dutch incubators with a common platform on behalf of professionalization and positioning on a national, European, and international level. The goals of this association are: professionalization of the incubator profession, and; reinforcement of the incubator infrastructure and relations (synergy) on both national and European level; optimizing the information about incubation towards start-ups.

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