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TED Talks

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Most of us know of - a website of lectures and talks and shows that inspire, educate and enlighten. Here are a few we found that might be of use to incubation practitioners. Share them with your incubatees and colleagues, enjoy them and learn from them. this is why we all love TED.

Wordsworth said that ‘Child is father of the man,’ Should we be raising our children to think like entrepreneurs... and if so how and why? An international entrepreneurship coach and motivator tells us how to create a new generation of business people.


All the buzz about innovation around the world seems to have left India out of the loop. Is there a different sort of innovation happening within the country...? Nirmalya Kumar, Professor of Marketing at the London Business School offers his view.


Is the future meant to be high-rise buildings and shopping malls. Marjora Carter, a pioneer in local economic development inspires with three stories of entrepreneurs who decided to build not just businesses, but better communities with their ideas.
Published on 16-10-2012 06:11 by David Tee. 1170 page views

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