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Taiwan Globalization Network

Building bridges

In June 2012, a high level delegation of Directors from some of Taiwan’s top incubators visited the Netherlands to participate in the first ever Taiwan Business Day held at the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce. Taiwanese incubators and Dutch companies were matched with each other and explored the possibility of doing business together. The delegation then headed to Finland to participate in the 21st European Business and Innovation Centre Network  (EBN) Annual congress:  "Challenging the future: Faster / Further / Together.  With 13 participants, the Taiwanese delegation was one of the largest international groups at the conference.

Eastward Bound 

Europe is also making plans to go to Taiwan in November 2012. A delegation of European incubator managers led by EBN officials will participate in Taiwan’s Global Entrepreneurship Week program in Taipei.  They will renew a Memorandum of Understanding between Europe and Taiwan signed in 2011 for an expected additional three years, to include opportunities for bilateral staff exchanges. Visits to incubators and a commercialization service center will be included in the program.

Just Launched

The Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN), based in The Netherlands, has just announced the opening of their office in Taiwan.  In collaboration with the Chao Yang University of Technology incubator, located in Taichung County, TGN can now directly support European entrepreneurs interested in exploring the possibilities of expanding in Southeast Asia, with a base in Taiwan.  The bureau includes individual offices and office resources; workstations, desks and computers; cloud computing, including e-commerce applications; meeting and conference facilities; and access to an excellent business network.  The package is now available and free of charge for a start-up period to qualified European companies.

The Taiwan Globalization Network is managed by The Taiwan Desk Foundation which seeks to explore the potential for Taiwanese companies to expand in Europe, and help European businesses find opportunity in the dynamic Taiwan market.  Through TGN, Taiwan and Europe continue to cultivate their bilateral business incubation networks, and look for new and better ways to support start-up companies interested in expanding their business abroad.
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