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TRANSITION - Development of a Transnational Social Innovation Incubators Network

How to scale up social innovation across Europe? By putting in contact social innovation experts with innovation-based incubators managers with the view to develop a network of incubators specialised in social innovation. EBN is ready for this new challenge through the TRANSITION Project (FP7) which was officially launched in Brussels on 2 September 2013. This 30-month project coordinated by EBN aims at developing a network of incubators which bring together established partners within the fields of social innovation (SI) and innovation-based incubation (IBI). 300 social innovations will be scaled-up within the six TRANSITION Scaling Centers (in Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the UK). A ‘fast track’ Transnational Start-ups Lab will also be developed to rapidly take social innovations from the idea stage all the way through to international implementation within the time scale of the project. The project will include an analysis on which scaling methodologies are most effective in a given region and the level of impact of these methodologies when transferred between regions. As stressed by Dr Iphigenia Pottaki (EC, Project Officer), moving from the experience on the ground, the project's mission is to read the present and contribute to shaping the future of social innovation in Europe., @TRANSITIONeu, #transitioneu

Madrid Emprende International Lab to host IBM Smart Camp

EBN member, Madrid International Lab is an initiative of Madrid Emprende, the Economic Development Agency of Madrid City Council, created with the goal of attracting, developing loyalty among and promoting international talent in Madrid. It is a unique space dedicated to assisting international organisations, global entrepreneurs, and foreign businesses in starting up in the city. As one of the main partners of the IBM Smart Camps (an initiative of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme) they hosted one of the IBM Smart Camps on 23-24 October. IBM Smart Camps are exclusive events aimed at identifying early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with the IBM Smarter Planet vision. They give selected start-ups the opportunity to connect with the venture community.

Accelerate your Cross-border Engagement with ACE

Launched in September 2013 and funded by the FP7, the EBN-coordinated ACE (Accelerating Cross-border Engagement) project is aimed at helping innovative ICT start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs accelerate their growth through rapid expansion into other European markets. SMEs must be fully engaged in the innovation process and in the ICT sector in particular, meaning they must be connected with potential users, partners and clients at a global level. The project involves 14 leading incubators, clusters and living labs across Europe: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic.
Published on 21-10-2013 13:05 by David Tee. 1231 page views

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