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Creative Thinking Ventures
Organisation Details
Organisation  Creative Thinking Ventures
Type Investor
Address 8, Avenue Victor Hugo
Country France
Phone +393388685746
Profile Manager Marnix Groet
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Creative Thinking Ventures specializes in start-ups in pre-seed and stand-up stage, and in business development.

What we do:

We started off in 2009 as a long term investment operation, specializing in small, nano and micro caps. Strictly in listed companies, mainly NASDAQ. We have, since 2013, opened to investment in earlier stages.

We mainly operate in the sharing economy, ecommerce and marketplaces, retail on-line and off-line, but we are open to other ideas which may disrupt a market.

* in 2014, in a start-up operating a foreign language marketplace on internet.

* in 2015, in two startups operating businesses in the sharing economy.

* in 2016, in a startup developing a #disruptive tool for ecommerce.

* in 2017, in two startups, one in garden innovation, the other in social lending.


We are proud of having developed a creative and proprietary approach to investment. In which we evaluate the creativity in the different aspects of a company, start-up or venture.

How this originality and uniqueness translates in extraordinary customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How this enhances customer preference and long term competitiveness.


Investment in the very early stages of Start-ups. Pre-seed or seed only. Create value by developing customer focused creativity.

Our acceleration programme in Milan, Italy:


We have a separate division which specializes in support activities.

Advisory and Consultancy

We support startups, and we have specific tools. We operate as rainmaker for the startups we work with.

We have developed a competence in consumer oriented startups.
* Sharing Economy C2C

We also assure the link between new economy and old economy, with a particular focus on consumer and trade customers as well as training.
* Retail sector B2C
* Industrial sector B2B
International business development, business building, internationalization of companies and export.
With a track record: we total more than 30 years of experience.

Sales competence and Training courses: (which are strongly linked)
* Sales force training and development. Motivation.
* Sales management, reporting and control.
* Competitive positioning of product lines.
* Shop shaping and store optimization.
* Team building.

In Consultancy the functional areas covered are:
* Business start-up.
* Product development and European launches.
* Management of commercial affiliates.
* Store management.
* Supply chain management.
* Purchasing and sourcing.
* Customer service management.
* Project management, also intercompany.

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